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Water in Your home-take action asap

By October 24, 2016March 11th, 2024No Comments

Any damage to your home is unsettling, if not down right stressful.  Knowing how to respond is the most important thing.  Having a plan in advance is best.

When it comes to water in your home, time is your enemy.  The longer you wait, the higher the probability that more problems will arise, including mold.  With quick, decisive action though, what would have cost $1,000’s could cost just $100’s.

FIRST: Turn off the water supply.  Either to your entire home or the line that is leaking.  Contact a plumber to repair the leak.

SECOND: Take out your cell phone and take pictures of all the areas affected by the water.

THIRD: Contact a water removal expert company for inspection and estimate(s).

FOURTH: Contact your insurance Agent.

The most important thing is to get started fixing the problem, removing the water and prevent mold.  Your homeowner’s insurance company may cover this type of claim, but the total dollar cost of damages must exceed your deductible before will start to pay.  You want to make sure that it does exceed your deductible BEFORE filing the claim because the claim, even if not paid, can be a negative for you.  Talk with your Agent, they can tell you if your insurance company would cover the claim and how much your deductible is.  With this information, the receipt from the plumber’s repairs and the estimate from the water removal company, you can start to make an informed decision.

If the $$$ amount for repairs exceeds your deductible, contact your Agent and file the claim.  Go ahead with repairs now because it may take 1-3 days for an adjuster to inspect.  Your goal is to get the water out.  Don’t worry.  If the repairs exceed your deductible and the claim is covered, the adjuster will still pay the claim.  You have to remember that if you are preventing more damage with quick clean up, you are saving the insurance company money.  Just take pictures, save receipts and document time spent on clean up.  This will satisfy the adjuster.

If the $$$ amount does not exceed your deductible, go ahead with the clean up and necessary repairs.  BUT.  Make sure to save all receipts, pictures and documentation.  Why?  Sometimes, the damage is worse than originally thought, it exceeds your deductible and you will want to file a claim.  With the documentation, you will have no trouble getting the home insurance company to pay a covered claim.

There are many water removal expert companies.  Here are two that we are familiar with and our clients have had success with:
Arkansas Mold & Water

A lot of folks freak out when they experience water in their home.  I have found that a plan that includes quick, professional clean up, it can be handled with little interruption and less money.  Like everything else, if done correctly the first time, it saves you headache and money later.  It’s your home, protect it the best way you know how.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us, anytime.

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About the Author:

DJ Noland is a licensed insurance professional in the state of Arkansas and managing Principal of McGhee Insurance Agency.Our offices specialize in placing insurance protection for individuals and families & businesses in Arkansas and would love to visit with you on your auto insurancehome insurance, personal umbrella insurancebusiness insuranceboat insurance, RV insurancelife insurance or health insurance protection to help structure a plan to protect what you’ve worked so hard for and will work hard for in the future.  

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